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The Gourmet Store was established by Padraig and Irene Lawlor in November 1997 to provide a selection of Irish continental foods. Since it's opening it has grown from strength to strength offering great quality foods and a friendly and personalised service, evident from the large amount of regular customers.

A selection of the foods available iclude pasta, olive oil, chutney, preserves, chocolates, sauces etc. Customers can choose from the vast array of stock, to have hampers made, right throughout the year.

Chicken Salad       
Smoked Chicken       
Cajun Chicken        
Club Sandwhich        
Chicken Tikka Masala  
Baked Ham             
Breast of Turkey      
Tuna salad            
Fresh Mozarella 
Greek Feta Cheese
French Brie

Chicken, tomato, lettuce, onion & mayonnaise
Chicken, roasted peppers, lettuce & ceasar dressing
Chicken, tomato, onion, pepper & cajun sauce
Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise
Chicken, lettuce, tomato & tikka masala sauce
Home baked ham, swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato, coleslaw
Turkey, french brie, tomato & mayonnaise
Tuna, tomato, red onion & mayonnaise
Mozzarella cheese, semi sundried tomato & basil pesto
Feta, peppers, olives & basil pesto
Swiss cheese, red onion & Ballymaloe Relish
The deli counter has a selection of Irish continental cheese, salami,meats, olives, homemade brown bread, pastries and scones made daily.

One of the most successful aspect of the Gourmet Store is the array of sandwhiches, paninis, wraps and bagels teamed with their award winning coffee to go.

Bacon, sausage & white pudding
Chicken, tomato, mozzarella cheese & Ballymaloe Relish
Chicken, cheddar cheese & cajun sauce
Chicken, bacon & cheddar cheese
Chicken, tomato, red onion & tikka masala sauce
Home baked ham, cheddar cheese, tomato & red onion
Turkey, home baked ham, onion, tomato & Relish
Mortadello salami, crispy bacon, tomato, mozzarella cheese & basil pesto
Parma Ham, mozzarella cheese, tomato & basil pesto
Goat's cheese, semi sundried tomato & basil pesto
Fresh mozzarella, semi sundried tomato & basil pesto
Brie, roasted peppers, onion & Ballymaloe Relish
Cold Sandwhich Menu
Hot Sandwhich Menu

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